Case Study for IT Industry


Based in Hong Kong, a leading IT company that provides Primary Source Verification solutions, background screening and immigration compliance services worldwide, to both public and private sector, had deployed G Suite and was very satisfied with the same. Shortly after this transition, it’s IT team learnt that G Suite’s advantage of free and easy data access to its users may pose as a threat to the company’s data security, hence having a close vigilance and control over data access was vital for the company.


G Suite’s rollout throughout the company led to a faster turnaround time, better team collaboration and efficient process flow. However, the IT team soon started facing issues related to data governance; like the inability to gauge unrestricted user access from unrecognized machines, untrusted devices, unmanaged IPs, geographies, browsers, etc. It became impossible for the enterprise to determine whether this access was authorized or unauthorized, such inadequacy of the security controls was raising concerns of data leakage, data theft and data loss and required immediate action for ensuring none of these negative events occurred.

This organisation was also looking for a way to restrict their users from accessing their personal gMail in order to ensure no corporate data is transferred for personal use. In addition, this enterprise also wanted to align their company’s theme, culture and practices, as well as improve user experience, and promote employer branding among all its users.


While in search for a solution, the IT team of the company took several demos, from the most recognized CASB vendors to the not so renowned ones, to zero in on a solution that would not just suffice their need but also provide one single console to handle all its security needs and be there to assist them at any hour of the day.

After a demo and a few trials of CloudCodes for G Suite, a CASB solution, this enterprise gave a green light to it. With our tailored to need Access Control solution, the enterprise could very well monitor, report and control the unauthorized access to its data. With IP restriction, Device restriction and Browser restriction features of our Access Control solution, they were able to implement just the right policies to their respective users and OUs (organizational units) as well - all through One Integrated Console = hassle free management.

CloudCodes for Business enabled the IT team of the company to:

  • Whitelist, i.e, selectively authorize pre defined network IPs, ensuring controlled access to data
  • Restrict access from untrusted devices in real time, by authorizing whitelisted devices only, identifying them with their device MAC ID
  • Enable access from pre defined browsers in the network, that ensured no data was left open or accessed from unauthorized sources
  • Restrict personal or commercial gMail access to protect valuable data from personal use

Additionally, with our Value Add - Ons, this company could easily brand their landing and login page, which helped them band together their company objective and culture, broadcast announcements, and get user agreements accepted - all from one platform.


Case Study for Education Sector


A California based high school had adopted G Suite, which initially helped them a great deal in achieving the much expected smoother operations, strengthened student-student and student-staff coordination in the high school campus. Owing to some challenges that they were facing after cloud migration primarily with the login page in G Suite, they now wanted to have a custom login page with the need of their own school branding on that particular login page.

Challenges with G Suite

Putting aside the benefits, adoption of G Suite after cloud migration had really put forth great challenges for this high school mainly in terms of their login page. The problem that they were facing was that G suite provides same login page both for the Personal Gmail and also for the corporate Gmail as well; and this was posing them some great issues. But, school’s particular requirement was with the requirement of their own school branding on this login page, which they realized that was not possible with G Suite. What they needed was a tailored CASB solution that could do this needful for them. They wanted to keep the same credential for school email id login as well as for Windows login.

CloudCodes for G Suite as a Solution

The core management staff of the school started evaluating CASB solutions, and while doing this, they came across CloudCodes for G Suite and its Value Add-On features. After multiple trials of the solutions, they adopted CloudCodes for G Suite and applied to the entire system at the school. With our CASB solution, it now became possible for the school to keep the same credential for school email id login as well as for Windows login. With the provided ‘Customized Login Page’ feature of our CASB solution, the high school succeeded in establishing the required uniform brand, Institute Name, Logo and Website address, throughout its G Suite without compromising on any of the other setups that were possessed, including Microsoft Active Directory, AD integration. We provided them with the much-needed custom login page. With CloudCodes for G Suite, the school was now capable enough to use their own school branding on the custom login page and their requirement was efficiently met.