CloudCodes Provides Integrated Cloud Data Security Solutions

CloudCodes offers a control point to support for continuous visibility, compliance, threat protection, and cloud security services. Collaborate your team without limitation and work safely across cloud services on any devices, anytime, and any location worldwide. We offer a full range of cloud data security solutions for an enterprise environment. Additionally, we have developed feature solutions that empower the organization to have secured, sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud services, protect sensitive data and online data leakage prevention (DLP).

Scalable & Robust Cloud Data Security Solutions

  • Access Control

Allowing control over access to data and formulate efficient governance policies for the user. Access Control can regulate and monitor permissions to business data by formulating policies.

Gain granular control over corporate data and user behavior to ensure there is no data breach or data loss by users intentionally or unintentionally with CloudCodes Access Control solution.

Cloud apps like G Suite, Office 365, Dropbox, etc. offer the flexibility of data access from anywhere, any device, and anytime. Though this functionality has its own perks, its misuse cannot be overlooked.

What if –

  • A user copied your proprietary data after work hours and used it after his exit?
  • A user forgets to log out from the business account opened on a public machine?
  • A user's unofficial machine is virus or malware infected?
  • Does your sales guy poach your customers (data) for his own business?

These and lot more possibilities could lead to a data breach, theft, or loss of your critical, confidential business data, which could lead to business loss – time, money, and resources. This data breach/loss could be totally unintentional, or it could very well be intentional. It is up to a company to take action and stop the mishaps – which can be done with Access Control in cloud security policies.

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