CloudCodes is a cloud security solution provider founded in 2011. We focus on providing cloud security solutions to enterprise customers through its single sign-on solution. Our objective is to provide a simple, effective, and efficient platform for securing cloud applications for an enterprise. CloudCodes offers integrated solutions and efficient control over your data. We are also recognized by Analyst firm Gartner as one of the sample vendors for Cloud Security and SaaS Security.


CloudCodes provides CASB solution to detect data threats, protect the data against cyber-attacks through malware prevention, encryption, and policies.


CloudCodes strongly advocates strict Identity Verification and Multi Factor Authentication for users accessing a particular device.

How is CloudCodes Helping in Remote Working?

Remote work is on the ascent at present. Also, as an ever-increasing number of organizations urge individuals to work remotely, they’re rapidly discovering that remote working accompanies a couple of difficulties. It’s simple for remote representatives to feel disengaged, and when the vast majority of your workforce is spread out, it tends to be hard to keep up a stable organization culture. Cooperation, resolve, and having a place would all be able to endure a shot.

Remote work was exceptionally uncommon ten years back. Telecommuting was frequently just accessible as a unique plan to oblige families in specific cases. Be that as it may, video chatting and telecommuting innovation have progressed to where a few organizations flourish with totally remote teams. It’s normal for organizations to permit their representatives to telecommute on more than one occasion per week.

As the coronavirus increases, travel limitations and wellbeing concerns are disturbing numerous organizations to grasp remote working. Remote work can likewise help prevent the spread of ailment, assisting organizations in maintaining a strategic distance from lost profitability, and ensuring general wellbeing. For instance, the episode of COVID-19 crisis incited numerous businesses to move to a remote work model for all employees conceivable in an offer to restrain the spread of the coronavirus.

Here’s how CloudCodes is Running its Business Through Remote Working:

  • Adequate training: When representatives can’t ask an inquiry, training with clear objectives becomes even more significant. Training is continuously a substantial venture for organizations; however, on account of remote workers, a reliable training program must be incorporated with the framework.  A remote working system shouldn’t merely concentrate on preparing the typical representatives. CloudCodes used employee engagement strategy ensures its managers are prepared in how to lead remote working employees and adopt an intentional strategy and methodology.
  • Regular communication: Numerous productive remote workers use various communicating tools the entire day to talk and keep in contact with partners. With regards to strife, differences, or study, calls are in every case better than messages. Other than staying away from conflict, regular correspondence and joint effort keep employees from concentrating too barely on their activities.  We assist our employees to connect with each other on hangouts. This helps them to stay connected with each other. 
  • Regular meetings: A customary meeting takes correspondence to the following level by uncovering different employees and offering a discussion to give an account of progress. It offers both responsibility and clearness on the view of the organization, empowering employees to remain in the same spot with each other.It guarantees that the various teams in the organization have visibility and clarity of what is happening over the business.
  • Well defined responsibilities: Jobs change after some time, and the activity advances into another. It’s in this way significant that each employee in our organization has a set of defined obligations and duties. In an office situation, organizations can bear the cost of more adaptability in characterizing roles; however, with remote working, jobs should be clearly defined and stated for the employees. 
  • Trust building: The most significant test that organizations face while executing remote working is building shared trust with their employees. You have to realize that your workers will keep on looking after norms, comply with time constraints, and practice open correspondence. CloudCodes follows an ideal approach to assemble trust with employees through consistency and responsibility. 

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Final thoughts: 

There’s a motivation behind why we are relocating toward a remote work power: employees appreciate it, and the advantages to the organization are overpowering. The innovation accessible today makes it simple to stay in contact with a remote work power, dispensing with any correspondence hindrances that may have existed before. 

Remote work does not need to be segregating. Allow your employees the instruments they have to fabricate and share their way of life. It can remember a devoted channel for your correspondence stage, an organized gathering, or a video meeting on a set time.