Step 1: Search from your browser for Office 365 trial, and open the Office 365 E3 link, click on the Free trial.

Step 2: Now enter your Email ID on which you want to create your Trial tenant account.

Step 3: Fill the information about yourself like your First name, Last name, Mobile number etc. and click on Next.

Step 4: Set your domain name here and click on Check availability if it is available or not.

Step 5: After setting your domain now set your Username and Password for your account and click on Sign up option.

Step 6: After filling all the information now we are ready to create our account.

After clicking on the Go to Setup we can see that thank you page from Microsoft is appear on our screen it means that we successfully created our account.

Step 7: Now we need to set up our account by performing some steps. First of all, it will ask to download Office 365, if you want to download you can download from there otherwise click on next and if you have your own domain you can setup it from here or you can use the existing domain.

Step 8: If you want to add a user into your account you can add them from here or you can do that later. For now, we will click on Do this later button.

Step 9: Here we can see that we have created our account successfully.

Here we are in our Office 365 admin centre.