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Stop auto-forwarding for E-mail 

Hackers who gain access to a user's mailbox can exfiltrate mail by configuring the mailbox to automatically forward email. This can happen even without the user's awareness. You can prevent this from happening by configuring a mail flow rule. 

  • Go to your Office Portal and select Admin app (this will only be visible if you are an admin in your organization). 
  • Once you reach your Admin Center, click on Show All. 


  • Click on Admin Centers. 


  • Click on Exchange. 


  • In the screen that appears, go to Mail flow category, click on Rules. 



  • In the rules, click on ‘+’. 


  • A drop down appears. In the drop down, click on Create a new rule. 


  • A pop-up window appears. In the pop-up window, type your rule name. 
  • Scroll down to the bottom and then click on More options. 


  • Apply the settings in the following table. Leave the rest of the settings at the default, unless you want to change these. 


Warn users before opening attachments of Office files 

Apply this rule if ...  

The sender . . . is external/internal . . . Inside the organization  

Add condition  

The message properties . . . include the message type . . . Auto-forward  

Do the following ...  

Block the message . . . reject the message and include an explanation.  

  • You can even add a message to your notifications if you want. 
  • Click on Save. 


For any further queries, you can reach us by creating a ticket at Foetron Support Portal or you can directly call us on our support helpline number +91-124-4506200

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