Microsoft has received reports of users experiencing issues accessing their Exchange Online accounts via Outlook on the Web. Their initial investigation indicates that India-based users are the primarily impacted audience. Further details can be found in your admin center under EX223208

How to maintain communication with support team when Outlook is not accessible: 


You can access web portal for communication: 


  1. First-time users: Sign up at so that you can get all the communication on the portal itself. 
  2. Existing users: In case you have signed up earlier, but do not remember your password then you can visit Sign in page and select 'Forget your password' 

Details: Users can't access email using Outlook on the web

EX223208, Exchange Online, Last updated: October 1, 2020 12:40 PM
Start time: October 1, 2020 10:22 AM
Status: Service degradation 
User Impact: Users may be unable to access email using Outlook on the web.
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Title: Users can't access email using Outlook on the web User Impact: Users may be unable to access email using Outlook on the web. More info: Protocols utilizing Representational state transfer (REST) functionality may also be impacted. While this issue primarily impacts Outlook on the web, users may be able to utilize the Outlook desktop or their mobile device to connect to Exchange. Current status: We're collecting additional data from the affected infrastructure to aid in our investigation and to determine impact to other Exchange Online protocols. Scope of impact: This issue could potentially affect any of your users intermittently if they are routed through the affected infrastructure. Next update by: Thursday, October 1, 2020, 1:00 PM (7:30 AM UTC)

How to access details:

1. Log in to Microsoft 365 portal

2. Click on Admin

4. Click on Health -> Service Health ( )

What should you do next?

We know that teams at @Office365 @Microsoft are doing their best to fix the issues asap. Latest updates are available at MSFT Twitter Handle

1. Connect with our support team to understand the issue better.

2. Ensure you add your alternate email ID (Gmail/Hotmail etc) and direct contact number