Previously, when you used to create a Rooms mailbox in Office 365, the Organizer details were visible to the user who was trying to book the room, the functionality has changed now and for the user who is trying to book the rooms, now cannot see the detail of the Organizer, and it needs to be enabled from back end. Below is the process and how it looks if you do not change the calendar processing and mailbox folder permissions.

  1. Creating a room resource in Office365 with following standard setting and below selected options,

    Booking delegates>Booking requests: 
    Accept or decline booking requests automatically

    Booking options>Specify when this room can be scheduled.
    Allow repeating meetings
    Always decline if the end date is beyond this limit

  2. Now user books a room, for a meeting.
  3. When the third person tried to viewing the Room for availability from scheduling assistant, they only see that the room is booked and no other information, this is because there are no Access Rights to the Default user

    Access rights on the room mailbox by default:
  4. Now let us connect to Exchange Online and enable users to view calendar information of Room mailboxes, run the following commands:

    1. Set-MailboxFolderPermission -Identity "Email Address:\Calendar" -User default -AccessRights LimitedDetails
    2.  Set-CalendarProcessing -Identity "Email Address" -AddOrganizerToSubject $True -DeleteComments $False -DeleteSubject $False

  5. Wait for some time and close and reopen outlook and try to book the room again from another users outlook, this will only works on new meetings or if you update an existing meeting in the calendar.

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