How to add an image of a single user

Adding  the image of a single person is an easy task we have click on the user whom we have to change the image a second tab open click on the change below image box and insert the image it will get uploaded and this is how we can add an image to a user 

Image has been successfully added to the user email Id

The problem arise when we want to upload multiple of the image of multiple of the user then using this method become little hectic task so to make it simple we use the power shell command to added multiple image to multiple user email Ids

How to add multiple images to multiple email ids using PowerShell command

Step 1. First, create an excel sheet with .csv extension  save it userkes.csv in a folder created in c drive with name Pics

Step 2. Create another folder with name picture to store the image to be uploaded in C drive.

Step 3. In .csv file added the detail in user name added email Id and PictureData added the path of the image which you stored in another folder.

Step 4. Using power shell connect to exchange online

Step 5. After connecting with exchange online just run this command

Import-csv c:\Pics\userkes.csv | % { Set-UserPhoto –Identity $_.username -PictureData ([System.IO.File]::ReadAllBytes($_.picture)) -Confirm:$false }

images will get uploaded 

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