Using SVG Images in Power BI

In this webinar David Power BI shows how you can work with SVG images as Image URLs Power BI. In the August update Power BI was enhanced to enable the dynamic creation of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) images making it now it is possible to create measures that dynamically update to account for user selections and filters. This technique is available for use with any visual that renders Image URLs as an image. This puts SVG on par with how we currently use non-vector image types such as PNG, employing them as indicator columns in the Table visual or in other creative ways.  For additional information, please see his three part blog series or Gallery post on the same topic. 


David is a Senior Consultant and Microsoft MVP who has employed skills in technology development, data integration, data analysis, and systems analysis for over ten years. David enjoys building BI and advanced analytics solutions with technologies such as SQL Server, Microsoft R, and Power BI. He is active in various technical communities. In addition to blogging for BlueGranite, he also writes at

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