What is company branding?

Company branding is a way to design the office 365 in own way whichever way he/she wanted to change the logo and background. 

Company branding only appears when you enter your user login credential i.e you email address and all the background and logo will

appear  if you are the employee of the company if not there will be no change in logo or background

Which licenses offer company Branding?

Company branding is available only if you purchased the Premium or Basic license for Azure AD, or have an Office 365 license. 


Who can change or edit the company branding?

The global administrator is responsible for the changes in company background which whole company employee will able to see when they log in with there credentials.

Steps to change the company branding from the Admin page?

 1.Global admin user credentials 

2. Go to admin center click on Azure Active Directory


 3. If you are  going first time Azure Active Directory they will ask for first sign up 

      but on the second time, you will not get and directly Azure Active Directory.

 4. Click on company branding 

5. After the user click on the company branding option default appear double click on it  upload the background image and logo 

 6. Save the changes login again with the user credentials login again now from an employee perspective.

This way we will be able to add the company branding in the and change it from Microsoft to your own company logo.


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