Create the normal user, the owner of the group or have the rights to access the group:

1. Sign in to the Office 365 admin portal.

2. Select the Admin icon

3. Select the Exchange Admin Center

4. Select groups, dashboard >recipients >groups.


5. Select the group which you want to create by click on the drop-down box. 


6. Now fill all the information and after that add an owner who can access that group.


7. Choose the approvals according to your requirement.

8. Click on the Save button.

Now, the group is created and the added owner have rights to access that group, i.e can add the other users to the group without having the admin rights.

1. User sign into the portal.

2. Choose the Mail tool.

3. Go to the Settings in the right corner of the outlook, Mail >settings.

4. Select the Mail from the App settings.

5. Select the General drop-down option in the left corner of the outlook.

6. Now, choose the Group name or the group which you have created from the General option to access the group or add the members in the group.

7. Suppose I have created the distribution group.


  • You can see the details of your group from the Distribution group I belong. You can join or leave the group or see the details of the group you belong.
  • From the Distribution groups I own, you can add the members or delete the members or can make a new group.


10. Edit > membership > Add.


11. Click the Save button.

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