FLAG Cost optimization Services: With our optimization services, our customers on average save up to 30% their IT Investments.  Check more details.

Business Transformation Series: The ecosystem of doing business is becoming very dynamic as more and more organizations are adopting digital tools, however, the limited understanding about the possibilities that exist with digital tools causes them to start off on the wrong foot. This leads to confusion among employees and senior management about the technology-driven productivity that could transform their organization. Know more. 

Tenant Analysis and Security Audit: Our team of experts will carry out the tenant analysis and audit. We will then share a report for the organization to understand and evaluate the internal security practices to ensure that the business is sufficiently safeguarded against modern times cyberattacks, internal data threats, or other digital technology related breaches on Microsoft 365 tenant.

To avail this service, you can connect with your account manager at Foetron or email us at cloud@foetron.com