Due to Covid-19, businesses are going through a transformation phase. In these times, we must optimize costs and deliver a secure working environment for our workforce. 


At Foetron, we have launched a FLAG program to help you truly leverage your existing IT investments and save costs. Over a period of time, customers who are enrolled in this program have saved up to 30% of the costs on their IT spending.


Methodology: The breadth of services and pricing options offer the flexibility to effectively manage your costs, and still keep the performance and capacity per your business requirement. The process of cost optimization on IT includes monitoring your IT costs and usage, analyze the data to find savings, and take action to realize the savings. With our services, we will take a more tactical approach of reducing cost with changes in user demand.


Under this program, our team will engage with you and help with the following: 

  1. Microsoft Cloud Subscription optimization: 
    • Agreement: Agreement and what changes can we make. What are the pros and cons? Also, we need to analyze the caveats.
    • Activations: Our review will review the active SKU list and features in use. Based on the analyses, an alternate and more cost-effective deployment will be recommended. 
  2. AWS Optimisation
    • Automatic purchasing and selling of Reserved Instances and Savings Plans with a buy-back guarantee. You can achieve up to 55% savings on AWS
    • Identification and disposal of orphaned AWS resources such as ELB \ EIP \ EBS
    • Automatically adjusts size and IOPS to adapt to any type of workload. Reduce EBS costs, avoid overprovisioning. 
  1. On-premise vs Cloud: If your organization has not yet moved to the cloud, do you know your next move? Should you decide to stay on-premises and upgrade to Cloud? Should you move everything to the cloud? Or should you seek a hybrid deployment that leverages the best of both cloud and on-premises environments?
  2. Modernization: There is now a critical need to equip and train employees for remote working that can enable them to stay productive from home, ensure effective global operations, and maintain business continuity.

We are offering subscription optimization and service utilization as complimentary during the lockdown. For this, you will have to accept our association for a period of 90 days. 


To avail of this service, you can connect with your account manager at Foetron or email us at cloud@foetron.com


Also, Foetron is at the forefront of Digital LiteracyYou can subscribe to  Foetron Academy to get free access to our security and productivity training.