Exporting Contacts of Distribution Group using GUI

 First thing you're going to want  to do is log into Office 365  and as an admin in office 365 you'll  have the ability to select the global  navigation and admin link and then on  the left hand side you'll have the quick  launch navigation and at the bottom you'll have admin and then exchange you're gonna want to select groups in the exchange admin Center and then the  list that you want to export and then   you're gonna want to select the action  tab which will get a couple of different  options there want to export this data   as a CSV select the fields you want to  export and go ahead and select export  we're gonna save this to our desktop  and just like that you've had the  ability to export your user data from  your exchange group list

Export contact into a csv file 

By this way, you can export contacts of the a group into a csv file 

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