As Microsoft Outlook is a communication tool available in Microsoft Office 365 subscription which allows you to communicate through emails and share your work documents, calendars with your colleagues and customers. With the integration of Skype for Business with Outlook, you can send a Skype Meeting to invite to your colleagues or customers through Skype Meeting feature available in Outlook 2016. You can discuss your business ideas or strategies efficiently. So watch this video to learn how you can leverage this feature in your company. To send Skype invite from Microsoft Outlook follows these steps:

  1. Open your Microsoft Outlook desktop application.
  2. Go to Calendar from the left side navigation bar, the default calendar will open.
  3. Click on New Skype Meeting in the menu bar.
  4. A new Skype meeting window will open, select recipients, give a subject to the meeting, select a location and select a date & time.

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