Which one should you choose?

  • If you mainly work with your email from 1 computer and online mailbox space is limited, POP3 is the way to go.
  • If you frequently use multiple devices to work with your email and/or online mailbox space isn’t directly limiting you, IMAP might be the better choice.


When you configure your mail account as a POP3 account in Outlook, everything that is in your Inbox folder of your web mail account will be downloaded. It really only supports the Inbox folder, so when you’ve stored your mail into various folders in your web mail account or have items in your Sent Items folder on the web, these won’t be downloaded.

Active Sync 

When you configure your account as an Active Sync account in Outlook, everything that is stored in your web mail account will be cached. I say cached, because with an Active Sync account, there is an active sync taking place between your data in Outlook and your web mail account. This means that all your folders that exist on web mail now also exist in Outlook.

This sync relation means that any changes that you make in Outlook, will also be uploaded back to the server and thus other computer and devices that you have configured with this Active Sync account. This includes your Sent Items, deletions and the Read/Unread status of your messages.

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