Checklist for new tenant creation are as follows:

Step 1: Create a tenant.

Step 2: Create an admin ID for the user and one Microsoft ID for own purpose.

Step 3: Assign the required roles to the Admin ID.

Step 4: Create a support card or support icon in the help(?). which help user to connect with us easily.

The procedure for creating the support card in the tenant is as below:

Step 1: Click on the admin center of the organization tenant.

Step 2: User > active user > default Microsoft ID.

Step 3: Select Microsoft ID.

Step 4: Assign a free license to the Microsoft ID.

Step 5: Sign in the portal with the Microsoft ID in the new browser.

Step 6: Go to Admin > Settings > Organization profile.

Step 7: The Provide customized help desk contact info tile will show you.

Step 8: Click on Edit.

Step 9: On the help desk card. Fill all the required information.

Step 10: Click on Save.

NOTE (Imp): After completing the following steps for updating the help desk do not forget to remove the license from the Microsoft ID.

Audit log enabled:

Step 1: Select the Security and compliance tile.

Step 2: Search and navigation > audit log search.

Step 3: Click on the start audit log search link text. You'll be able to search for the user and admin activity in a couple of hours.

Step 4: Can search the audit log of particular activities by selecting the activities from the search drop-down box.

Step 5: Click search.

Spam filter setting configure:

Step 1: Sign in > Admin center > Exchange admin center.

Step 2: Click Protection > Spam filter.

Step 3: Double click on the Default. 

Step 4: Select Advance option. Scroll down to the last, by default the last 3 settings are off so we have to on the settings.

Step 5: Click on Save.


Step 1: Sign in > Partner > Build your Business > Request delegated admin. A new tab will pop up with the requested link.

Step 2: Copy the link.

Step 3: Paste the link to the new window > enter and sign in with the user id.

Step 4: Accept Microsoft cloud solution provider invitation.

Step 5: Click on the check box and accept the invitation.

Step 6: Click on Authorize CSP.

NOTE: Accepting Foetron Inc. as your Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider and Administrator enables you to purchase offers and get administrative support from them. Establishing a relationship with a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider does not change or modify your existing subscriptions, nor does it change the terms of those subscriptions.

SPF Records:

Refer to Verify Domain.

For any further queries, you can reach us by creating a new ticket at Foetron Support Portal or you can directly call us on our support helpline number +91-124-4506200