Outlook Web App mailbox policies:

You can create multiple Outlook Web App mailbox policies and apply them to individual mailboxes. When an Outlook Web App mailbox policy is applied to a mailbox, it will override the settings of the virtual directory.

Outlook Web App features can also be managed by configuring the Outlook Web App virtual directories. Virtual directory settings will be used for any mailbox that a mailbox policy hasn’t been applied to.

Configure outlook web App mailbox policy-

Use the EAC to view or configure Outlook on the web mailbox policies:

1. In the EAC, click Permissions > Outlook Web App policies.

2. In the result pane, click to select the mailbox policy you want to view or configure.

3. Click Edit.

4. On the General tab, you can view and edit the name of the policy.

5. On the Features tab, use the check boxes to enable or disable features. By default, the most common features are displayed. To see all features that can be enabled or disabled, click More Options.

6. On the File Access tab, use the check boxes to configure the file access and viewing options for users. File access lets a user open or view the contents of files attached to an email message.

  • Direct file access: Select this check box if you want to enable direct file access. Direct file access lets users open files attached to email messages.

  • WebReady Document Viewing: Select this check box if you want to enable support documents to be converted to HTML and displayed in a web browser.

  • Force WebReady Document Viewing when a converter is available: Select this check box if you want to force documents to be converted to HTML and displayed in a web browser before users can open them in the viewing application. Documents can be opened in the viewing application only if direct file access has been enabled.

NOTE: The all file access tab view will depend on the version of the outlook web app policies.


7. On the Offline access tab, use the options buttons to configure offline access availability.

8. Click Save to update the policy.

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