The Windows Update Catalog offers updates for all operating systems that we currently  support. 

These updates include the following:

  • Device Driver
  • Hotfixes
  • Updated system files
  • Service Packs
  • New Windows Features

Steps To Download update From Windows Update Catalog:

 Step 1: Access the Windows Update Catalog:

To access the Windows Update Catalog, visit the following Web site:

 1. Open Web Browser and  

 or you can simply paste this link on your Browser:

Step 2: Search for updates from the Windows Update Catalog

To search for updates from the Windows Update Catalog, follow these steps:

In the Search text box, type your search terms. For example, you might type Windows 10 security

Step 3: Download  Updates:

 Verify your list of updates, and then click Download

 Step 4:When the download is complete, click Close to close the Download Window.

 step 5: Close the Windows Update Catalog Window.

 step 6: Go to Downloads.

 step 7: Double-click each update, and then follow the instructions to install the update. If the updates are intended for another computer, copy the updates to that computer, and then double-click the updates to install them.

Note: If you have downloaded device drivers for installation, go to "Installing Drivers."

For any further queries, you can reach us by creating a ticket at Foetron Support Portal or you can directly call us on our support helpline number +91-124-4506200