A printed email message contains the body of the message, together with a title and the header fields, such as the From, Sentand Subject fields. There are some font and formatting options available for the title (typically, your name or computer name at the top of the page) and header fields. You can print all pages of a particular message, or specify individual pages or sets to be printed.

All printing settings and functions are found in the Backstage view. Click the File tab to open the Backstage view.

In the message list, click a message that you want to print, or open it.

  1. Click the File tab.

  2. Click Print.

  3. Do one of the following:

    • Click Print.

    • Select the styles and options that you want.

      • To change the print style, under Settings, click the style that you want. A preview is shown in the Preview Pane, unless you are printing multiple items. In this case, you are prompted to click Preview in the Reading Pane. Click Print.

      • To change the font, heading, or other settings of the style that you want, under Printer, click Print Options, and then on the Print dialog box, under Print style, click Define Styles. Click Print.

      • If you want to specify individual pages or sets of pages to be printed, under Printer, click Print Options, and then on the Print dialog box, under Page range, click the options that you want. Click Print.

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