To set screen time limits for your child on Xbox One and Windows 10 devices: 

1. Go to your family group and sign in with your Microsoft account. 

2. Find your child's name and select Screen time. 

3. If you want to use the same schedule for all devices, turn on Use one schedule for all devices.

4. If you’d rather manage the schedules separately, scroll down and switch On or Off individually for Xbox One and Windows 10. If you don’t want screen limits at all, turn the same option Off. 

5. If you want to give them the full amount of time you’ve scheduled, leave the default setting of Max scheduled. For example, if you’ve allowed screen time from 8 am to 8 pm, they could use their devices that entire time.   

6. If you don’t want the default Max scheduled, select the row for each day to set how much time and when you allow your child to spend with their devices.

7. Type in your schedule choices, select Add and then select Save.

To Give your kids a heads up on Xbox when their scree time is running out: 

1.  On your Xbox controller, press the Xbox  button. 

2. Select System and then Settings. 

 3. Choose Preferences then Notifications then Xbox Notifications.

4. Lastly, select System and then select System notifications on.

For more tips like this, check out the working remotely playlist at . Also, if you need any further assistance then you can raise a support ticket and get it addressed.