Sometime Outlook may stop responding or experience problems because of installation issues. Luckily, Office includes a repair utility to fix common problems with the suite of apps.

To repair the installation, close any running Office application, and do the following:

1. Open Settings.

2. Click on Apps.

3. Click on Apps & features.

 Select the Office installation. (The name of the installation will be slightly different depending on the edition you have         installed.)

4. Click the Modify button.

5.  Select the repair option:

  • Quick repair: Resolves most issues using files already stored on your device to repair your version of Office.
  • Online repair (recommended): Resolves any issues with Office, but it requires an internet connection to download the necessary files to repair your applications.

5. Click the Repair button.

Once you've completed the steps, the repair tool will do a clean reinstallation of Office, and after the process, you should be able to use the Outlook 2016 app normally without issues.

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