Step 1: Login into

Sign in with your Login ID and Password.


Step 2: When entering account click on Admin as shown into the picture.

Step 3: In the left navigation pane of the Microsoft Office 365 admin center, click Exchange.

Step 4: After click on the Exchange a new window will open, in the new window click on the Compliance Management.

Step 5: Click on the Retention tags that is left side of the page.

Step 6: On the Retention tags page, click New tag and then select Applied Automatically to Entire Mailbox (default).

Step 7: After click on the Applied Automatically to Entire Mailbox (default) a new window will pop up on the screen, fill the required filled shown in the picture.

  1. Name Type a name for the new retention tag.
  2. Retention action Select Move to Archive to move items to the archive mailbox when the retention period expires.
  3. Retention period Select When the item reaches the following age (in days), and then enter the duration of the retention period. For this scenario, items will be moved to the archive mailbox after 1095 days (3 years).
  4. Comment (Optional) Type a comment that explains the purpose of the custom retention tag.
  5. Click Save to create the custom archive DPT.

After click on save button the loading will start.