As we have noticed, many of the customers are reporting that the Insert key is disabled in Excel. When they try to insert something such as rows, columns and any image file in the Excel sheet. They are unable to do that because of Insert key is Grey-out. 

If you are facing this issue then follow the below steps to resolve this:

Step 1: Close your all Excel workbook which is currently opened.

Step 2: Go to your Windows Explorer and open "C" drive.

Step 3: Then Users > Select the user name here.

Step 4: Choose AppData here. (Sometimes it is not visible then click on View in Taskbar and then check Hidden items here).

Step 5: Then click on Roaming > Microsoft > Excel.

Step 6: Here you find a file with namely as "Excel15.xlb". 

Step 7: Right click on this file and rename its extension as "old" means which be as "Excel15.old"

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