Sway is an Office 365 app that helps you and your colleagues’ express ideas using an interactive, web-based canvas. Sway makes it easy for its users to create and share interactive stories, presentations, reports and more. It allows you to make a lot of web-based content easily (even websites).  

It is very similar to POWER POINT because the primary function of both is to create presentations. But it isn’t so. Sway trumps POWER POINT when it comes to creating online collaborative presentations. It also allows you to share its content via social media or a direct link. It is great for creating image-heavy content.


How to Create Your First Sway? 


  • Log in to your Microsoft Portal
  • Click on All Apps icon. 



  • Click on All Apps Link. Search for Sway and Click on it.

  • On the window that opens, click on Create New


  • The screen will look as shown. It contains two basic parts(tabs) - Story line and Design. Now the Story line is where you typeinsertedit, and format the content that tells your story (here presentation). Content in sway is arranged in sequential order by adding cards (basically a page), each of which holds the type of content you want — such as textimagesvideos, and even Office documents. The order of cards can be rearranged at any time to suit your needs.


  •  To give Title to your sway, click the tile your sway placeholder text on the first card of the story line and once the cursor appears, write the title.
  • To Add content to your sway (text, images or videos), Click or Tap the ‘+' icon at the bottom of your card. You can also drag and drop text and images right onto your Story line.


  • You can easily Add additional content (multimedia type) in Sway. To do so, first Click on Insert on the top right corner, a pane appears. Click on suggested in the pane, a Drop-down appears. From the Drop-down, you can select the source of your content (be it YouTube, Flickr etc.). you can search for you image by typing it in the search box.


  • To Preview your Sway, click on Design Tab.


  • When your Sway is completed, you can Play it by clicking on the Play Button.   

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