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Mobile email access is integral to business productivity. But increased access means increased security risk. Mobile device management (MDM) secures, manages and monitors mobile devices across an organization. With more employees accessing email, documents and company data from their mobile devices, MDM enables IT managers to control devices and security. 

Below is a guide to Office 365 mobile setup, including how to set up mobile access for users, manage devices and set up MDM rules Office 365. 

How to Set Up Mobile Access Rules in Office 365 

Because email access is turned on by default in most mobile devices, you’ll need to set up rules to block or quarantine unwanted devices. 

How to set up blocking access 

Blocking rules restricts access for all device models that aren’t specifically granted access. Here’s how to create general MDM rules to block devices for Office 365 mobile setup: 

  • Log into the Office Portal. 

  • Navigate to the Exchange Admin Center (EAC). 

  • Select Mobile device access. 


  • Now from the option Device access ruleclick on ‘+’ sign to create a new access rule. 


  • Now a new pop-up window will appear, select Browse to add Device family as shown in the figure below. Click OK after selecting the families. 

  • Here there is one more option to define the Device model, you can Browse this also if you want as shown below. 


  • At last, there are 3 radio buttons namely Allow accessBlock access and Quarantine. 

  • Allow access  Users will be able to access the O365 apps. 

  • Block access - Users will not able to access the O365 apps. 

  • Quarantine - decide to block or allow later 






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