Admin can face this issue due to GSTIN and PAN no. not updated in the Tenant.

Ask admin to update their Registration Number.

  1. Go to > Billing Tab > Billing Account 
  2. Click on Account Name 
  3. Click on Edit Option and Add the Registration Number.
  4. After Enter the Registration Number save it.
  5. Now refresh the browser or ask admin to login into Incognito Window then try to accept link again.
  6. Check the Box then click on Accept & Authorize.

Note: Only Global Admin and Billing Admin can accept the link.

To change other information on your company's profile page:

  1. In the admin centre, go to the Settings > Org settings page.
  2. On the Organization profile tab, select Organization information.
  3. Update your organization's information, then select Save changes. Be sure to fill in all required fields marked with an * to enable saving your changes.