We have learned from a lot of customers that they are facing issues with proactive support. The partner services fall apart at a critical juncture and it is really frustrating at times. Hence, we highly recommend you switch the Microsoft Direct Support metrics where you can get enterprise-grade support with your Microsoft 365 subscription. 

Pre-requisite:   First, customer to provide CSP access from his global admin account 


  1. Customer to Provide us access to enable the Direct MS services. Click on the URL, Accept, and share the acceptance screenshot with us.
  2. Update organization details for billing including address, GST number etc. 
    • Alternate email address: support@foetron.com
    • Alternate support contact number: +91-8826294740 or +91-124-4506200
    • Support URL: cloud.foetron.com


Steps to follow for MS Direct support service activation: 


Step 1: Log in to  https://portal.microsoftonline.com/

Step 2: Click on 'Admin'

Step 3: Billing

Step 4: Purchase services

Step 5: Select SKU and add quantity

Step 6: Pay

Step 7: Add Partner on Record (POR): 3655177 for us to provide any guidance or advisory in the future. Take a screenshot and share it at support@foetron.com with your email id and contact number to complete the process

Step 8: Assign the SKU to the user