Step 1

In the URL section type:


Step 2

Click on dashboard button

 Step 3

Click on Customers.

 Step 4:

Click on “Add customer”.

 Step 5

The appeared form needs to be filled

 Step 6

In the section Primary contact of the form, information shown in the form needs to be filled as it is,

1.First name: Foetron

2.Last name: Support

3.Email id

4.Phone Number  : +91-124-4506200

5. Click on accepted latest MCA at the bottom of the form.


Step 7

The first priority is to go with option 1 where the customer will be asked to accept the MCA in the Microsoft 365 admin center. 

Else, these details will be provided by Foetron's licensing team. Do not enter your details in this or without the prior approval of Foetron's licensing team. 

 Step 8

Click on button submit, after reading the agreement proposed by Microsoft.


Step 9 

  1. Next penal that appears will be the review penal, which will show a glance of the form that you filled in the last step.
  2. Click on the Next button if all information giving is correct, else click on the back button if some correction needs to be done.

 Step 10

Next penal that appears is the “Confirmation Penal”.

1.And copy the password that has been auto-generated, for the first login

2.Then click on the add product that is present in the bottom of this penal

 Step 11

In the add product, click on “Cancel” button, in order to skip, which is the actual objective of this task and leave the cart empty.


Step 12

The tenant is formed, which can be checked in the customer section, once we search it either be organization name of through domain that we select, in the Customer section in