Previous title : Net4 India is on the verge of closing. Customers are facing trouble.

Net4India has thousands of customers in India. Most of their customers are struggling due to the recent insolvency proceedings while the company is almost on the verge of closing down its operations. On 29th Sep 2020, National Internet Exchange of India (Nixi) has allowed the transfer of dot in domains to other domain registrars. 

"In recent days, Nixi was informed that Net 4 India, who is one of the registrars of NIXI for Country code domain .IN is closing. Nixi has decided not to discontinue the .IN Services for those .IN domain end users whose renewal is due till December, 2020," Nixi said. 

The trouble started a few years ago when Net4India took loans and failed to repay, therefore, Edelweiss sued Net4India to get its money back in March 2019. In 2013, Net4India's Managing Director was held for not depositing service tax. 

Furthermore, in June 2019, ICANN had suspended their ability to create new domains and initiated inbound transfers. This was done due to the ongoing insolvency proceedings. Please find the reference to the detailed notice which is dated  05th June 2019.

Net4India is the largest ICANN accredited registrar

Net4India is the largest ICANN accredited registrar in India which has a number of registered gTLD domains excluding the LogicBoxes, Public Domain Registry, and many such affiliated dummy accreditation which are owned by a US-based endurance international organization.

Till the end of February 2019, it had over 100,000 gTLD domains under the management. The gTLDS includes almost .com and other legacy gTLDS.

What can you do next:

1. Take control of your domain: Customers should always maintain strong control of their domain and switch from one registrar to another whenever they sense some trouble. National Internet Exchange of India (Nixi) has allowed the transfer of [dot] in domains. 

2. Multiple domains: In case your domains get stuck with such issues then you must have a few other domains as backup [dot] com,  [dot] in,  [dot] net are some of the popular extensions. Also, there are domain extensions such as [dot] travel or [dot] cloud which are available. 

3. Reliable Global registrars: Always buy domains from Global registrars such as Godaddy ( , or BlueHost.

4. Email services: Migrate to reliable and enterprise-grade email services such as Microsoft 365 or G Suite. Even if you have to migrate to an alternate domain in case your registered domain is stuck with Net4India then you must do that. 

A lot of customers have reported that their services are not accessible. We have published a step by step action plan to help you. 

Also, you can raise a ticket to our tech experts and we will help you with these steps to safeguard yourself against any issue owing to such unforeseeable circumstances.