Deep Dives are interactive technical live and on-demand events for developers, architects, or anyone building IoT solutions. Learn how to create your first indoor map here: Microsoft engineers and guest speakers do technical deep dives about a new feature or scenario. List of all upcoming Microsoft IoT Deep Dives:  In this session we will walk through the steps for creating and visualizing indoor maps, querying map data and integrating it with IoT. We will exemplify how to take advantage of CAD drawings for creating the map, how to deal with data errors and updates, curate the dataset, generate map data products and styles for rendering data at runtime. Finally, we will cover the indoor module for the SDK and build the main indoor map controls in an application.   The Azure Maps Creator service enables customers to upload their private maps, floorplans, spaces and asset information to manage, monitor, and track their IoT assets within spaces like offices, malls, and airports, with extensibility to support other private map scenarios considered private in nature all within a customer's control.   With these capabilities, Azure Maps now enables customers to manage their private spaces using spatial intelligence and map visualizations. This facilitates customers' ability to connect data from sensors and other sources to track and monitor assets within private spaces. Azure Maps Creator works seamlessly with Azure Maps services and SDKs making it easy to combine private map data and visualizations with our broader mapping capabilities. Guest Speaker: Roberto Lucchi - Azure IoT Deep Dive Host: Pamela Cortez - Azure IoT  Resources:  - Create your first indoor map: - Implement dynamic map styling: - Geofences in IoT Projects: - Sample apps and code:

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