In this session we will demonstrate an application that combines 3D models, 2D maps, and reality mesh into a single environment for visualization. (More info on the application from Deep Dive can be found here: )  Within that environment we will demonstrate a live, real time, seamless visualization of IoT data streams.  Next we will walk through the architecture that enables the application.  We will show how we have mapped the IoT data to the assets within the digital twin.  And we will show how to keep the digital twin in step with engineering changes.  This is done by automating the generation of the Digital Twin Description Language (DTDL) .JSON. Bentley's iTwin platform and iModel.js open-source programming library provide powerful capabilities for aggregating 3D, 2D, reality data and other sources to link with IoT data for a "single pane of glass" visualization, analytics, and simulation so users can make more effective decisions in a timely manner. By integrating the iTwin platform with Azure Digital Twins and other Azure IoT services, Bentley and Microsoft are making it easier for developers, integrators, and customers to build digital twins of their infrastructure assets. Guest Speakers: Josh Schifter – Sr. Software Development Manager, Bentley Systems Roop Saini – Software Developer, Bentley Systems Deep Dive Host: Pamela Cortez - Azure IoT Senior PM Resources: - Get started with iModel.js: - Learn more about iTwin: - Blog: - Source Code: - Learn more about the new capabilities for Azure Digital Twins: Technical Deep Dive: - List of supported formats for iTwin:

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