Azure SQL has a lot of built-in features that make it the best database in the cloud for developers. In this first part of this two-part series, Davide Mauri discusses what those features are and which kinds of customers can benefit most from them. [01:30] Why customers choose Azure SQL [02:21] Security [02:30] Scale-out [03:15] Advanced analytical processing [03:42] High-concurrency optimizations [04:10] Development experience [05:02] Geospatial support [05:30] Multi-model capabilities [07:00] Start-up example using Azure SQL [08:38] Enterprise example using Azure SQL [10:45] Web Applications ? Let's connect: Twitter - Davide Mauri, Twitter - Anna Hoffman, Twitter - AzureSQL, ✔️ Additional Resources: JSON Samples: 10 Reasons why Azure SQL is the Best Database for Developers: Big Red Cloud Case Study: Bing Ads Technical Blog Post: DevOps for Azure SQL Intro: Sync Mobile Apps with Azure Using Change Tracking API: ? To watch even more Data Exposed episodes, check our playlist: 

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