In part one of this two-part series, Shreya Verma discusses the different backups options (point-in-time restore, long-term retention) Azure SQL provides and how to effectively manage them.  [02:00] Point-in-Time Restore Use Case [03:14] Long-term Retention Use Case [04:04] Geo Restore Use Case [04:57] Point-in-time restore [07:05] Database recovery [07:57] Long-term data retention [09:24] Geo-restore protects from disaster ✔️ Additional Resources: Overview of Business Continuity - Automated Backups - Backup Cost Management - PiTR and Geo-Restore - Long-Term Retention - Recovery Drills - Azure SQL Blogs - ? Let's connect: Twitter - Shreya Verma, Twitter - Anna Hoffman, Twitter - AzureSQL, ? Watch even more Data Exposed episodes: ? Subscribe to our channels for even more SQL tips: Microsoft Azure SQL: Microsoft SQL Server: Microsoft Developer:  

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