Collections in Microsoft Edge helps you keep track of your ideas on the web, whether you're shopping, planning a trip, collecting notes for research or lesson plans, or just want to pick up where you left off the last time you were browsing the internet. Whatever you're doing on the web, Collections can help.

Collections syncs across your signed-in computers, so if you use multiple devices, your collections will always be up to date on all of them.

Start a collection: 

1. To start using Collections, select Collections at the upper-right corner of Microsoft Edge and then Start new collection.

2. To change the title of the collection, select it at the top of the Collections pane.

3. When you're ready to start adding content to your collection, you can do this in several ways:

- Select Add current page to save an entire webpage to the collection.

- Select and drag an image into the collection.

- Select and drag a link or highlighted text into the collection.

4. When you add content to your collection, a card will appear. This card shows useful info at a glance and contains a link to the item you saved, so you can always get back to what you were working on.

Pick up where you left off: 

1. Collections lets you easily open pages you saved for later. To open all the items in a collection as tabs in a new window, select Sharing and more Sharing and more -- Open all.

2. To open an individual item in a new tab, right-click it and select Open in new tab or Open in new window.

Add notes to a collection: 

1. To add a note to a collection, select Add note at the upper-right corner of the Collections pane, or right-click in the pane and select Add note.

2. You can change the font, add bullets, or add headers using the toolbar at the top of the note. When you're ready to save the note, select Save.

3. To reorder content in a collection, including notes, just select it and drag it up or down in the Collections pane.

Share a collection: 

1. To share a collection, select Sharing and more -- Copy all. This copies all the cards in the collection, which you can paste into an email to share with others.

2. To share a single item in a collection, right-click it and then select Copy to copy the card for the saved item or Copy link to copy the URL.

Export a collection: 

1. To export an entire collection, select Sharing and more and then select Send to Excel or Send to Word.

2. To export one or multiple items within a collection, select the check box at the upper-right corner of the item. Next, select Share and then select Send to Excel or Send to Word.

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