Interact with your Surface in new ways using Surface Pen. 

Pair Surface Pen 

Your pen uses Bluetooth to pair with your Surface. Here's how:

1. Go to Start -- Settings -- Devices -- Add Bluetooth or other device -- Bluetooth.

2. Press and hold the top button of your pen for 5-7 seconds until the LED flashes white to turn on Bluetooth pairing mode.

3. Select your pen to pair it to your Surface.

Start inking with your pen

Rest your hand on the screen, like you would on a piece of paper, then start writing. Your Surface is designed to ignore your hand and other inputs while you write. Use the pointer that appears under your pen tip to guide you while you ink.

To erase, turn your pen over and rub the end of your pen over your writing or drawing.

Check battery level

If you want to see how much battery you have left, go to Start -- Settings -- Devices -- Bluetooth & other devices, then find your pen. The current battery level will appear under the battery icon.

If you want to

Click or select: Tap on an item.

Right-click: Press and hold the side button, then tap on the item. 

Drag and drop: Place your pen on an item, and hold it there until the circle around the pointer completes. Then move the item to where you want it to go.

Select multiple items: Press and hold the side button, then drag your pen over the items you want to select. 

Open Microsoft Whiteboard: Click the top button once.

Open Snip & Sketch: Double-click the top button.

Open Sticky Notes: Press and hold the top button.

 For more tips like this, check out the working remotely playlist at . Also, if you need any further assistance then you can raise a support ticket and get it addressed.