Take a tour of Microsoft Teams Rooms; a solution that combines the digital workspace of Microsoft Teams with dedicated Microsoft certified devices. Jeremy Chapman shares how Microsoft Teams Rooms not only simplifies your meeting experience, but provides an integrated meeting solution to reshape team collaboration in your organization with a reliable experience for everyone. He’ll cover options based on how people collaborate in your meeting spaces and the size of your rooms, as well as the key steps to set up a Teams Room for your organization, with the security and enterprise management you would expect from Microsoft.  Microsoft Teams Rooms provide a rich immersive experience with powerful audio/visual capabilities wherever you are. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of meeting rooms are equipped with audio/visual capabilities. As flexible working becomes the new normal, it's important to make sure that the meeting collaboration experience doesn't suffer while some of us join from the office, and others remotely.  Teams Rooms is designed to give all meeting participants an inclusive and reliable experience: 

• Cameras can frame the room and zoom into the active speaker.

 • Audio devices are designed to ensure people's voices are clear and intelligible.

• Raise your hand to indicate you'd like to speak.

 • Follow along with real time A.I. enabled live captions.
• A central console gives you full control over the meeting.
• Use an analog white board or take advantage of the Microsoft Whiteboard app.

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