The In-Place Archive (previously known as a “Personal Archive” or in Outlook as an “Online Archive”) mailbox of an Exchange account is only available with Office Professional Plus licenses or when you are using a standalone installation of Outlook.

A “Professional Plus” license key can be obtained via Volume Licensing or as a subscription via Office 365 ProPlus. 

Any other license (not even the Standard Volume License) will not give you access to the Exchange Online Archive from within Outlook.

Accessing your Online Archive via Outlook 2007

Outlook 2007 buttonIf you are using Outlook 2007, then you’ll require at least Hotfix KB2458611. This adds support to connect to your Online Archive but will not add Outlook 2010/2013/2016/2019/365 specific features such as integral search and archiving policies.

In addition, you’ll require one of the following licenses;

  • Office 2007 Ultimate (Retail)
  • Office 2007 ProPlus (Volume License)
  • Office 2007 Enterprise (Volume License)
  • Outlook 2007 Standalone (Retail or Volume License)

Access your Online archive via Outlook on the Web (OWA)

Exchange on the Web buttonIf you need to access your Archive mailbox from home and don’t have an eligible license, then you could access your Archive mailbox via Outlook on the Web (OWA). You can ask your mail administrator for the information needed to connect to OWA from home if you do not know the details.

Note: If you’ve created a pst-archive at work, it is not possible to access that from home without making a backup copy of that pst-file for home-usage.

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