There are different payment options for using Azure, one of such option is using Azure in Open in credits, you can get these credits from Microsoft Resellers or Partners, you can reach out to us on or visit our website incase you require the Azure in open credits.

You have an existing Azure subscription and you requested for Azure in open credits, now you need to activate those credits in your existing azure subscription, you can follow the below process which would help you activate the credits on your existing Azure subscription.

1.You have to log in to VLSC portal( ) from the account where you received a confirmation email for your order.

2. After you've logged in click on Download & Keys section on the bar.

3. Filter products and click on Azure, then click on Keys.

4. Copy the key, whose status is shown as unused.

5. After you've have the key copied, click on the link: and click on add credits in Existing subscription (You would need sign in with Owner access of azure subscription to activate the credits).

Once you have logged in you would be asked to add the key, and click on Add. Your azure in open credits are now activated in your azure subscription.