Migrate your content from Office Mix

Just  over three years ago Microsoft launched the Office Mix Preview to help everyone  from educators to business create and share interactive online recordings of  their presentations. Thanks to the positive feedback from Office Mix users  during the Preview, we are excited to share that we are bringing the best of  Office Mix directly into PowerPoint, Microsoft Stream, and Microsoft Forms for  Office 365 subscribers on Windows PCs.

This  article contains details on how to back up content you currently have on mix.office.com. Please note  that all content must be moved off Mix by May 1, 2018, to avoid losing it. If  you take no action by that date, your files will no longer be accessible. We  will continually update this article as more information becomes available.


The  Office Mix site and existing content stored on its servers will be retired  according to the following schedule:

· January 1, 2018:   You'll no longer be able to sign  up as a new user or download the Office Mix add-in from the website. Existing  users who already have the Mix add-in installed will still be able to use it to  upload, edit, view, and download their existing content.

· May 1, 2018:   The Office Mix site and all its  content will be officially discontinued. The site will no longer be accessible  after that date. Any links to your Office Mix content that you previously  shared with others will stop working after this date.

How do I move my files and content from Office Mix?

For Office 365 work or school  accounts

Do the following:

· Please visit https://mix.office.com and sign in with  your Office 365 work or school account that you were using for Office Mix.









· Click the Migrate button.

On the confirmation  page, click Migrate Now.





· Once you click Migrate Now, you'll be asked to  sign in by using your Office 365 account; after sign-in is successful, the  migration will start for all Mixes in the "Ready for Migration"  state. Migration may take some time to complete, and during migration you'll be  able to get status on the migration on the website. Please visit https://mix.office.com again to  confirm the results.


For Microsoft accounts (Outlook.com, Hotmail.com, Live.com,  etc.) and Google and Facebook accounts

Do the following:

· Please visit https://mix.office.com and sign in with  the account that you were using for Office Mix.

· Click My Mixes.

· Under the uploaded mixes  page, click Presentation to download your mix as a PowerPoint  file (.pptx). If you enabled mobile playback during upload, you may see a Video button  that you can use to download a video (.mp4) of your Mix as well.

· To download your quiz  results and analytics data, click Analytics and then click the  Excel icon to download an Excel file (.xlsx). For more detailed instructions,  see Export  your analytics to Excel.


For Office 365 Accounts without Microsoft Stream

Sign in to your Office Mix profile where you  can download and save your content to your device or your preferred storage and  sharing platforms. You can also delete your Office Mix account and content.

What about content that I have already linked from Office Mix to other Web sites?

For  users who have embedded or shared content in a Learning Management System using  the Office Mix LTI tool, you can embed content using Microsoft Stream. If you want  to remove linked content, simply delete the files from your My Mixes page. On  May 1, 2018, all Office Mix content and links will stop working, so please make  sure to manually update any embedded Mixes on your other Web sites before this  date.

What if my Office Mix content exceeds my Microsoft Stream upload storage limit?

If you exceed your available storage limit on  Microsoft Stream, the migration of your Office Mix content will be interrupted. Any files that were successfully transferred will remain on your Microsoft Stream account, but any files that couldn't be included won't be backed up and the migration process will stop.

Content migration  can be resumed after you have freed up or purchased additional storage space on your Microsoft Stream account. To resume an interrupted migration, sign back in to Office Mix and then start migration again. 

NOTE:Currently, the Recording tab is only available to Office 365 subscribers on Windows PCs.


How do I upload a video to Microsoft Stream?

You can find the upload button at the top of any page or just drag new videos to one of  your groups or channels. You can upload multiple videos at the same time and  even browse Microsoft Stream while your videos are uploading in the background. In the Microsoft Stream portal, select Create > Upload  a video or the "upload" icon from the top navigation bar. Drag and  drop or select files from your computer or device.



Thank you for using Office Mix and being on the journey with us.