The following table lists user administration activities that are logged when an admin adds or changes a user account by using the Office 365 admin center or the Azure management portal.

Added user
Add user
An Office 365 user account was created.
Changed user license
Change user license
The license assigned to a user what changed. To see what licenses were changes, see the corresponding Updated user activity.
Changed user password
Change user password
Administrator changed the password the password for a user.
Deleted user
Delete user
An Office 365 user account was deleted.
Reset user password
Reset user password
Administrator reset the password for a user.
Set property that forces user to change password
Set force change user password
Administrator set the property that forces a user to change their password the next time the user sign in to Office 365.
Set license properties
Set license properties
Administrator modifies the properties of a licensed assigned to a user.
Updated user
Update user
Administrator changes one or more properties of a user account. For a list of the user properties that can be updated, see the "Update user attributes" section in Azure Active Directory Audit Report Events.