Join us to learn how developers like you are architecting applications on Postgres & MySQL open source databases on Azure—for use cases like e-commerce, web content, time series data, real-time analytics, & multi-tenant SaaS. Video bookmarks: • 4:47 Oracle to Postgres migrations • 7:12 Operational Real-time Analytics with PostgreSQL • 10:53 Magento e-commerce with MySQL • 13:51 Moodle online learning on MySQL • 15:55 Migrating your database to Azure • 17:58 Q&A with Andrea & Samay Senior Engineering Manager Samay Sharma from the Postgres team at Microsoft will walk through his take on why open source databases like MySQL and Postgres are growing in popularity and why we believe Azure is the best cloud to run your open source relational databases. Then, Samay will dive into 2 interesting PostgreSQL use cases we see frequently on Azure: Oracle to Postgres migrations—and operational real-time analytics that leverage Hyperscale (Citus) to scale out Postgres horizontally. Product manager Andrea Lam  walks us through how Magento users rely on Azure Database for MySQL for e-commerce; and how the popular open source Moodle application (developed in PHP) is used on Azure with our MySQL managed service to enable online teaching & online educational programs. We also cover the data migration resources availability to make database migration from on-premises solution (or other clouds) to Microsoft Azure more seamless, for both MySQL and for Postgres. 

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