In this video Donovan Brown interviews Tony Seeley, Group Program Manager who works in the Windows and Devices Group (WDG), Engineering Systems team, overseeing the group managing the source control system which is used by thousands of users working on code for an extensive portfolio of products including Xbox, Surface, Windows Store and of course the Windows operating system itself. 

Throughout the interview Tony will describe how Windows moved all its source code, 350gigs worth, from an inhouse solution to Git repos hosted inside of Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS). He’ll cover the details of what it took to get such a large repository hosted inside of Git by overcoming Git’s technical limitations, such as the GVFS work that unblocked it (and is now open source). He’ll also talk about why they undertook this difficult journey in the first place, such as reducing training cost, following industry trends, modernization of their engineering system and enabling more flexibility to the product teams ability to ship and innovate around Windows.

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