Check out updates on how you can manage and secure distributed multi-cloud compute resources in Azure using Azure Arc. This extends a unified management plan to your virtual machines and physical servers on-premises, including your SQL Servers wherever they are. Travis Wright, Principal Group Program Manager from the Azure Data Engineering Team, joins host Jeremy Chapman to share the latest updates.  If you're new to Azure Arc, it simplifies complex and distributed environments across on-premises, edge, and multi-cloud into a unified central management plan in Azure. Now you don't have to migrate these resources or move them to a common directory service; they simply stay where they are.  This provides a frictionless way of bringing together all the infrastructure and services that you have across the clouds, your data centers, and edge site locations, into a single, consistent view and toolset. Updates include: Manage your entire SQL Server estate from a single point of view and a single toolset from Azure. Azure Arc extends Azure Security Center's vulnerability assessments and Advanced Threat Protection services to SQL Servers in your data center. Azure Policy ensures that services are compliant as they are provisioned. Track compliance in the Azure Policy compliance dashboard. Monitor all your Kubernetes clusters from one place using Azure Monitor.

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