Build a more resilient supply chain with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management (SCM). Now more than ever, it's critical to have real-time insights into supply chain factors. Dynamics 365 SCM gives you those insights by providing unified operations across areas like warehousing, planning and transportation. We've also built intelligence on that integrated foundation to provide insights so you can identify issues and keep fulfilling orders, even in today's fast changing environment. Vanessa Fournier, Senior Product Manager for Dynamics 365, shows you what it takes to set up these agile and responsive operations using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.  Supply Chain Management is part of the larger Dynamics 365 family of apps and is focused on operations. It comprises a broad range of functionality, covering all the areas of your supply chain, to help provide solutions to operational challenges now and in the future. It includes:

 • Product information management

 • Planning

 • Inventory and logistics 

 • Asset management Dynamics 365 SCM provides a powerful alternative to disparate systems with one application that handles all of their functionality. It supports your business with intelligent insights and the tools to respond, it integrates with your existing backend systems from your logistics system to your HR system through the Microsoft Power Platform, and it lets you build your own custom experiences. 

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