Find out how GE Aviation has implemented Azure's Custom Vision to improve the variety and accuracy of document searches through OCR. See the steps they are taking to modernize their on-premises records management system as they move to Azure, and how they are making it easier for their airline customers to respond to new requirements and regulations. Jeremy Chapman joins Nate Hicks, Senior Product Manager for GE Aviation's Digital Group, to discuss how they are taking advantage of Azure Optical Character Recognition (OCR), a part of the Azure Custom Vision.  Airlines are under increased pressure to show they can safely host passengers. Whether that's checking the air filtration system on planes due to public health requirements with COVID-19, or meeting industry standard general maintenance requirements — being able to keep good records is essential. Much of what gets archived is still paper-based, and these documents can contain both handwriting as well as printed text. Being able to convert documents that are in paper format to digital format, as well as process and store any documents that were never printed in the first place, is more important than ever. Watch to see how GE Aviation is using Azure’s Custom Vision to make it happen with scale, speed, and accuracy. 

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