The Garage Series for Office 365 brought you the experts and challenged Office 365 productivity literally from anywhere. Starting next week the Garage Series is shifting gears with a fresh format for the New Year and a brand new show called Office Mechanics. We are still in the Garage, albeit a brand new one here on the Microsoft campus, which remains a significant place of innovation. And our mission to keep you informed and entertained with our extreme Office 365 challenges hasn’t changed either… it’s just that now we’ll go even deeper with more demos and in less time as we tour the inner workings of Office. We also go behind the news to provide you with first looks of the latest innovations from the people behind them. Because shows are around ten minutes in length we try to make it possible to watch when you want, wherever you are, and on any device. Our Office Mechanics blogs will carry additional resources so that you can explore topics covered on the show in more detail if you so choose. We are seriously passionate about technology, automation and answering what’s top of mind for you. This is your show based on your feedback, so whether you are a tech enthusiast, IT professional or developer please continue to let us know what you would like us to cover. In the coming months, we'll go behind announcements and present updates spanning the Office 365 spectrum and related technologies such as Power BI, Azure Active Directory and more. You can also be part of the show if you plan to attend Microsoft Ignite in May where we’ll be delivering a roster of live shows daily. So mark your calendars and join us each Wednesday at or when major news hits.

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