Mark Russinovich explains Azure Confidential Computing, opening up new opportunities for the processing of sensitive data in the Cloud using secure enclaves and trusted execution environments. Mark presents the core concepts and demonstrates the underlying tech, including new silicon-based approaches with Intel SGX chipsets, the upcoming Azure Confidential Computing DC-series virtual machines and the upcoming software development kit (SDK) that make it easier to create apps that keep your important data and algorithms confidential during computation. 

Subject Matter Expert:

 Mark Russinovich is Chief Technology Officer for Microsoft Azure, Microsoft’s global enterprise-grade cloud platform. A widely recognized expert in distributed systems and operating systems, Mark earned a Ph.D. in computer engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. He later co-founded Winternals Software, joining Microsoft in 2006 when the company was acquired. Today he remains the primary author of the Sysinternals tools and website, which include dozens of popular Windows administration and diagnostic utilities. Mark is a popular speaker at industry conferences such as IPExpo, Microsoft Ignite and Build, and RSA Conference. He has also authored several nonfiction and fiction books, including the Microsoft Press Windows Internals book series, as well as fictional cyber security thrillers Zero Day, Trojan Horse and Rogue Code. 

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