By the help of this video user can understand that how can he leverage the application of Microsoft To-Do efficiently?

Steps for using the application of Microsoft To-Do are as follows:

  1. Open the home page of Microsoft To-Do application i.e.' My Day' page.  Here user can see a list of all To-Do task.
  2. Click on' Suggestion'  option.  By this way user can see all task which user is  not able to complete yesterday.  Click on '+' sign to add this task to My Day list.  User can also view incomplete tasks  and User can also see tasks those due dates are approaching.
  3. Go to home page of Microsoft To-Do application.  Click on the tab as 'To-Do List' .  By this way user can Sync these task with Microsoft To-Do application.
  4. Click on the tab as 'New List'. Give a name to New list created.  Select the tab as ' Add'. To move To- Do to My day list simply double click on To- Do .  When user switch to Open MyDay list here he can find that task has been added here. If user wants to Specify due date for any 'To-Do' task then click on task and select 'due date'.
  5. User can also set 'reminder' for the task as well as user can also set 'Reminder'  on repeat mode.  User can also add a note for the To-Do task by using 'Add a Note'  tab. User can also move To-Do list of incompleted task to another list.  To know the priority of the To-Do task user can use 'Sort'  feature to arrange all To Dos 'alphabetically' or according to 'due date' or according to' Creation date' or according to status such as 'completed' or' incompleted'.
  6. User can also Rename the Existing To- Do list.  User can also change the theme of To-Do list.  If user requires that Completed task should not be visible then click on 'Hide completed To-Do'.  After completing all tasks user can also delete that from To-Do list.  User can also delete selected To-do.