The following table lists the user and admin activities in Microsoft Teams that are logged in the Office 365 audit log. Microsoft Teams is a chat-centered workspace in Office 365. It brings a team's conversations, meetings, files and notes together into a single place.

Friendly name
Added channel
A user adds a channel to a team.
Changed setting
The SettingChanged operation is logged when the following activities are performed. For each of these activities, a description of the setting that was changed (shown in parenthesis below) is displayed in the Item column in the audit log search results.
  • A team admin changes the access type for a team. Teams can be set as Private or Public (Team access type).

    When a team is private (the default setting), users can access the team only by invitation. When a team is public, it's discoverable by anyone.

  • A team admin changes the information classification of a team (Team classification).

    For example, team data can be classified as high business impact, medium business impact, or low business impact.

  • A team admin changes the name of a team (Team name).

  • A team admin changes the team description (Team description).

  • A user changes the name of a team channel (Channel name).

  • A user changes the description of a team channel (Channel description).

Created team
A user creates a new team.
Deleted team
A team admin deletes a team.